Iron Clad Storage

Who We Are

Accessible, attractive and convenient. Clean and secure. Affordable and competitively priced

AfforDable, Accessible & Secure

Iron Clad Storage Inc is Kenora’s brand new self-storage facility located in a new development offering 24/7 gate and tenant access and state-of-the-art security.  Get ready to experience the smoothest, most convenient storage experience in the area. 

We cater to a wide segment of the population requiring storage: 

  • Commercial/retail/industrial uses 
  • Homeowners 
  • Apartment/multi-tenant units
  • Businesses requiring extra space
  • Families between a move
  • Sales representatives who require access to sample goods at various times during the day or week

Rental Units 

  • both temperature controlled and non-temperature controlled units are available 
  • all units have exterior doors 

Outdoor Storage 

Store your boat, sea doo, snowmobile, car, truck, motorhome, and all-terrain vehicle in our outdoor storage spaces

Indoor car, truck and motorcycle storage

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